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‘Foodtech Israel’ grew from the ‘Foodtech in the Galilee’ endeavor of the NGO ‘Israel Initiative’, led by Dr. Erel Margalit, and the Ministry of Economy’s efforts to strengthen the sector in Israel as a whole. The project’s goal is to establish a community of stakeholders in the Israeli foodtech realm all working to enlarge the sector’s working force and deal-flow.

This Is Foodtech Israel

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Dr. Ofir Benjamin, Tel-Hai Academic College

"The Foodtech Innovation Community advances the Israeli Foodtech sector’s effort to develop innovative and healthy products by bringing together multiple disciplines and technologies. It affects the ecosystem very positively, both on a regional and a national level by promoting innovation and creating inter-sectoral partnerships. "

Yaron Toren, ClickoBrick

"The Hackpack hackathon was a challenging and amazing experience, it helped develop our endeavor especially using the diverse acquaintances "

Dror Tamir, Hargol

"The Galilee is a fertile ground for the development of agifood-tech endeavors, much due to the diverse climate, the advanced agriculture and the R&D institutes in the area. Foodtech Israel has been able to develop an ecosystem which supports all stakeholders in the region, assist entrepreneurs to accelerate their projects, attract large food & beverage industry players to the Galilee and promote research and studies in the area, all these actions make the innovation community critical for the development of the region as an international epicenter for agrifood-tech. Thus far, the connections made between different players, by the community, have enlarged the ecosystem and made available opportunities which were not accessible thus far. Whether through connections to investors or helping with applying for grants, the community has proven itself important for the Upper Galilee and the foodtech industry at large. "


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